Appraisal, negotiation, sales:
Make your classic a success.

If classic cars are the topic, then the discussion isn't just about exclusive driving enjoyment, but also about a safe capital investment. The value varies depending on the age, condition, and original restoration. However, there is also another important factor: Presentation by an experienced partner to increase chances of a sale.
We're happy to support you with the sale of your classic car, and we'll take over all of the work needed to guarantee the best possible sale price. By the way: Not only can we help with individual cars, but also with entire collections..

An overview of our services:

• We pick up your classic car
• Inspection via our own service specialists
• Consulting to determine the actual sale price
• Presentation of your classic
• Creation of a description
• Direction of sales meetings and advice
• Sales/delivery

We're happy to get active for you!

Klatt Oldtimer | Uwe Klatt

Klatt Oldtimer | Vermittlung/Verkauf

Klatt Oldtimer | Vermittlung/Verkauf

Pure passion for automobiles.
Dates by arrangement.
Pure passion for automobiles.
Dates by arrangement.